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High Heels: Part II Introduction – Dr. Greg Rohde, DPM

High-heeled shoes can result in problems and injuries on a day-to-day basis as well as problems from continual use years down the road. High-heeled shoes change your biomechanics, i.e. the way you walk. There are both short term biomechanical changes and biomechanical changes that, when occurring repetitively, cause long term problems. In this post, we […]

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High Heels: Part I Introduction – Dr. Greg Rohde, DPM

One of the common jokes I hear many podiatrists say to patients is, “I love high-heeled shoes, they keep me in business!” The same joke is often used for treadmills, but we’ll save that for another post… In this series of posts, I will explain how wearing high-heeled shoes alters your biomechanics, increases risk for […]

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Why Feet? – Dr. Greg Rohde, DPM

      Why Blog? The purpose of this blog is to… Educate visitors on common problems and encourage proper foot care, Recommend what works/doesn’t work and explain why, and Promote health and well-being through diet and exercise with specific attention to the lower extremities. Why Feet? One of the most common questions I get from […]

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