Why Feet?

Why Blog?

Educate visitors on common problems and encourage proper foot care, Recommend what works/doesn’t work and explain why, and Promote health and well-being through diet and exercise with specific attention to the lower extremities.

Why Feet?

One of the most common questions I get from patients is “Why feet?” I also get my fair share of “Do you have a foot fetish or something?” and “Podiatry? It must be so rewarding to work with kids!”

I assure you, I do not have a fetish. I also enjoy working with the occasional PEDiatric patient while practicing PODiatric medicine. However for me, the answer to the question, “Why feet?” is one that has been a long time in the making.

For starters, I was brought up with a parent in the field. My dad has been a practicing podiatrist in Norman, OK for over 30 years. This is by no means the reason why I chose to be a foot and ankle specialist, though. The reason is multifaceted, but overall, I chose podiatry because I wanted to help people. Specifically, what got me interested in feet was their complexity, as well as the extensive involvement between them and the rest of the human body. Leonardo da Vinci noted more than 500 years ago, ““The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

Excluding toenail polish options and the occasional pedicure, many people pay little to no attention to their feet on any given day. However, as soon as pain and discomfort are thrown into the mix, one becomes acutely aware of the two sacks of 28 bones that are the first things that hit the ground in the morning, hold up your entire body weight plus some, and allow you to walk, run, jump and stand firmly on the ground. Moreover, when your feet are causing you substantial pain, it affects all aspects of your life. Work becomes even more tedious, especially if what you do requires you to stand.

Recreation, exercise, those things that keep you healthy, are all put on hold when your feet aren’t functioning the way they should. From painful build up of dead skin to ligament and bone problems, there are many different things that can bother your feet. Some ailments, believe it or not, can be eliminated simply by stretching. There are many products and devices out there to help you take care of your feet and treat the problems you may be experiencing.

Unfortunately, there are just as many products out there that are a waste of time and money. I am here to offer advice and my opinion on the problems you might be having with your feet, recommend quality products from shoes to topical creams, and suggest lifestyle changes that can not only help your feet but your entire body. I am here to help you put your best foot forward (pun intended)!

While I can offer advice based on my experience and expertise, nothing can replace an in-person visit to a foot and ankle specialist. If you are experiencing pain, please visit a podiatrist in your city or town.
Thank you for visiting. Let’s get you Back to Bare Feet!

About me:

My name is Greg and am a Podiatrist with Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center. I take considerable joy in helping others live pain-free, happy, healthy lives.

I hope this blog will help educate visitors on common foot and ankle problems, encourage proper foot care and promote health and well-being through diet and exercise – with specific attention to the lower extremities.